Changing Perceptions 


 Changing Perceptions

You might know our organization’s mission statement: the APA is dedicated to bringing people and pets together, advancing humane education and creating programs beneficial to the human/animal bond.

However, we have recently charged ourselves with advancing another facet of animal welfare as well- changing perceptions of shelter animals.

We know that images of homeless pets behind kennel bars is heart-wrenching. The pictures often display sad, abandoned or abused companion animals looking helpless and pitiful. We also know that those images neither help animals get adopted, nor do they accurately portray shelters and the animals who live there.
At the APA we know our animals are happy, healthy, adoptable pets who receive top-notch care from our staff and volunteers. We are endeavored to  change the misperceptions of shelters animals by showcasing our pets and our mission in a happy, positive light.
We are taking better photographs of our adoptable pets, writing upbeat bios on the animals, and incorporating social media into our outreach efforts. We believe that by changing perceptions we can also increase adoptions, bring more happiness to both people’s and pets’ lives, and shed some of the negative associations attached to animal shelters and shelter pets.

The fact remains that less than 20% of all owned dogs and cats come from animal shelters. You can help us change that statistic by spreading the word about the greatness of shelter pets and encouraging your friends and family to adopt from their local shelter. Together we make all the difference!