Harry & Hanley Project 




 Harry and Hanley Project

Measuring 4 feet tall and donning a coat designed by local artists rather than fur, we are fortunate to be working with Harry Weber on a spectacular public art project. We will launch these incredible one of a kind pieces of art as part of celebrating our 90th year of bringing people and pets together. Launching spring of 2013 and on display throughout the St. Louis area, these sculptures consist of 10 dogs (Hanley) and 10 cats (Harry) designed by local artists and installed in prominent locations.

This amazing opportunity to work with Harry Weber will not only bring awareness about animal welfare but will beautify our community and help send the message of the adoption option!
A partnership between local sponsors and artists will transform this public art project into reality. We are looking to corporations and individuals to give back to the community in a creative way and to help raise money for the Animal Protective Association. It also is an opportunity for people in our community to take action. We hope people will view the sculptures, visit our website and learn about pet adoption and responsible pet ownership. Any awareness we raise with this project will help our broader goal of promoting animal

For information call Eileen at 314-645-4610 x115