DNA Test 

Get your Mixed-Breed DNA Test from the APA!

People always want to know more about their dogs: 

    -Why does he love digging holes?
    -Why is he crazy about tug-of-war?
    -What can I do to make him happier 
     and healthier?

The answers may lie in his DNA. You can purchase a Wisdom PanelTM Insights Dog DNA Test from the APA at the discounted price of $60. Just collect a sample from inside your dog’s cheek with the included swabs. Mail the swab in a postage-paid envelope to Wisdom Panel and learn your dog’s ancestry in three weeks!

 Check out some of the test results:
CoCo is a Boxer mix. Click here for a full report.
   Gunner is a Lab/Akita. Click here to see the full report.
If you would like to post your test results, email the report along with a
photo to