Success Stories 

The Happy "Tails" That Make Us Smile!

There’s no question that the most rewarding part of our work here at the APA is bringing a cat or dog together with a caring family. It happens thousands of times a year, but sharing that moment of connection when the adoption is complete and the new companions leave our shelter together is always a thrill.

Many happy adopters take the time to send us a note of thanks and an update on how the new family member is doing. We treasure these, and we’re proud to share a few with you.

Enjoying Her New Home

Just wanted to share a picture of our girl that we named Pixie.  
She was part of the “Brady Bunch” litter, she was the last one of her litter (Cindy)  and we adopted her in the fall.
We really love her and I think she is enjoying her happy home!
My New Best Friend

It's only been two days since I adopted Biggie Smalls (formerly Kennedy), but she has already settled in, and I am in love!  She is just the sweetest little girl, and despite her small size, she is never shy about demanding pettings, playtime, or snacks.  She adores her feather toy and scratching post and loves to sit on my lap, and she is now sleeping at the end of my bed at night -- the first night she tried to sleep right on top of me, but I just couldn't allow it in this heat!  I attached a picture of her in her new favorite spot on the window sill behind the curtain, as well as one of her gazing longingly at her fuzzy mouse toy that she loves to bat around.  Thank you so much for providing such a good home for Kennedy so that I was able to fall in love and take her home with me!  I know she's happy to be out of her cage, but without the APA I would have never found my new best friend.
The Perfect Fit For Our Family!

My husband and I were grieving over the loss of our Husky/Border Collie mix of 13 years, so we decided to adopt from the APA. When we got there, we found a young Lab Mix who had been returned after having been adopted just two days prior. Apparently, she has been left in an abandoned house, all alone. So, we decided to adopt the sweet little girl. When we got her home, she wasn't sure where she was allowed to go to the bathroom or what she could and could not chew on. After getting her a kennel and working with her on potty training, she turned out to be a sweet girl with lots of love to give. Now, she regularly goes outside and loves to play and cuddle. She is such a sweet girl, who just needed time and love. I am so happy that she was available as she is the perfect fit for our family! Thank you for allowing us to mend our hearts a little and find a new companion to love!
She Found Me!

We adopted this dog about 2 years ago when she was only 3 months old. You should know that I didn't find her, she found me. We named her Sheeba, but I call her Shadoo. She is my best friend and my closest companion. We are very happy together and everyone loves her ! She's playful and friendly but obedient when she needs to be. The APA is the best place to find a pet !

Can't Remember Life without Taz

We've renamed Hurley to Taz and he's doing great! He has added so very much joy and fun, I can't remember what it was like without him! He's been accident free since he came home and loves playing in the backyard with his sister. He sleeps in his crate every night. Whoever his foster parents were, they did an excellent job with him, he has wonderful manners.
Thank you and all the workers/volunteers that work so hard with all of the animals, we are very appreciative.

Missing Piece of the Puzzle

We adopted Tank, formerly Pablo, on March 18th. I might just be a biased new mommy but I think Tank is the most amazing dog I have ever known. Not only is he obedient and sweet, but he is playful and funny in his own way. When we brought Tank into our little family, he fit like a missing puzzle piece we didn't even know was there! He is truly a blessing in our lives and every day we find something else we love about him. I cannot thank you guys enough for introducing us to him. He is being spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it!
Megan and Joe
Bubbles is Too Sweet!

I know its a little early for an update since we just adopted Bubbles today, but I wanted to let you all know that he is settling in great! Thanks for helping us find such a great dog!

One Happy Cookie

Just wanted you all to know that Cookie, now Mardi, is doing great with our family.  She is merging well with the pack.  Attached is a picture of Mardi and one of her siblings.
Had her wellness exam and rabies shot.  All is good.  Please share with everyone that she is happy.

No One Ever Gets Hurt

A little over a year ago we adopted our second German shorthair pointer from you guys. We have named him Bennett. He has turned out to be a very different dog then our other GSP. He is usually calmer and better behaved. He was given up because he was "too hyper". So far we havent found anyone that agrees with this. He does get very excited about his walks but then calms right down. The other GSP we have thinks he's pretty much the best thing ever. She always has to be around him or seeing what he is up to. He seems to be very happy at his new home. He certainly is spoiled here, and doesn't seem to mind it at all. I realize some of the pictures look a little .. violent.. perhaps but they really like to play with each other rather hard. No one ever gets hurt.
She's Very Loved

I adopted an adorable Siamese-mix kitten from you in April 2012 and I know she and her littermates had been fostered, so I thought maybe the foster would like an update.  Her name was Liz Lemon, I believe.  Her name now is Moxy and she is darling…and big.  The largest of my three guys.   She’s very loved.  Here are some photos.  Thanks for all that you do!
Best Decision Ever!

I came in looking for a cat to join me in my apartment last March. I started out looking at older ones and looking for a look that I liked. I picked out one and played with her but she just didn't feel right. We asked the staff which cat was their favorite and they all immediately said "Oh Valentine!" We waited anxiously to see what was so good about this Valentine. Well pretty much everything was. She as immediately friendly and crawled into my lap and even rolled over to get her belly rubbed. We brought her home that day and I renamed her Sasha. I will admit it took me a week to really fully bond with her and love her. My mom has even told me she was afraid I would take her back. I can't imagine ever getting rid of her now. She follows me around everywhere in my apartment. She comes running to the door when I get home, meowing like crazy. She loves hanging out when other people are around and just in general doesn't care about anything. The most chill, amazing, loving, laid back, fun, playful, sweet cat ever. Everyone who has met her that doesn't particularly like cats said they would love cats if they were all like her.
As I type this she is lying in bed next to me staring at me with her tongue hanging out. Her little face brightens my day.
Thank you for recommending a new best friend!

Fezzik is happy in his new home. Thanks so much!
Two New Fur Friends

We recently lost our kitty Smokey of 16 years. He was the last of the three cats that my children grew up with. With the children grown and no cats in the house it was just too empty and quiet. It's been a whole month since our Smokey passed so my husband and I decided it was time to get another fur friend. We came in for just one cat and ended up adopting two. Onyx and Sheeba both won our hearts.
The cats seem to be very grateful and happy and so are we.
Thank you so much APA and Petfinder for all your service
Emma Teaches Foster's the Ropes

I was just reading the "success story" section of the website, and thought I would give you guys an update on Shelby, the small pit bull that I adopted on 11/3/12. Her name is now Emma, and she has adjusted wonderfully to living in a home. She spends most of her time on my lap, napping in my bed (she is making up for all the time she spent in the shelter), out on walks through the neighborhood and showing our new foster dogs the ropes. She is sweet, gentle, INCREDIBLY smart and more affectionate than any dog I've ever met (she's converted many of my friends to pit bull lovers). We are currently in training for her Canine Good Citizen award, and then we are going to pursue therapy dog training so she can come to work with me (I'm a social worker). She was the best decision I've ever made, and it's all because of you guys!  Thanks so much!
 Thank you for taking care of him

Hello!, We have had Griffy since April and he is the best kitty in the world.
we love him so much and we thank you for taking care of him while we were looking for the perfect pet!
Thank you so much.
Enrica and Scott with our Griffy
Maddie Sounds the Alarm!

My family adopted Maddie from the APA last fall. I was very excited because I was the one who really wanted to get a dog. Unfortunately the first few months were a little rocky. Maddie, while calm and loving with us, has some stranger danger issues and when someone new would enter our home she would go crazy with aggression. With the help of some dog school and time, everyone settled in, and Mad Dog, as most of my friends call her, has become an important part of our family. She is my running partner and my best friend. This past weekend due to the holiday visitors Maddie was spending the night in the kitchen. Though she usually sleeps quietly all night, at around 3am I awoke to the sound of her loud, frantic barking. I came downstairs to find that a fire had started in the garage and the wall of the kitchen was on fire. Fortunately everyone made it safely out of the house and the firemen were able to put out the fire before it spread past the kitchen. They told us that had it gone 15 more minutes the entire house would have burned down. Had Maddie not woken me up I don't know that my family would all be here today, and our home certainly would not. We are deeply indebted to our loving dog, who despite being trapped in a fire, seems no worse for the wear.

Morris the Cat

This is my cat Morris. We adopted him at the APA 2 years ago. 
He is the sweetest little cat ever! He is very playful, and he has been my best friend.
Even though he gets into a lot of trouble, we love him either way! I don't know what I would do without my little Morris :)

Bonnie Update

Just wanted to update everyone about Bonnie. As you can see a year later she's gotten a little belly but is doing very well. Still just us girls. We are currently trying a kitty leash just in the house for now. Thanks again APA!
Clumsy Kitten Loves Walking through Neighborhood

My boyfriend adopted Spike (we renamed him Newton), in June of 2010, and he has been such a joy ever since!  We were told that he was a clumsy kitten by the lady who fostered him, and this hasn't changed!  For his birthday, I got him a harness so that we can go for walks in the neighborhood.  The neighbors think I'm weird for walking a cat, but Newton LOVES it!  He is the sweetest cat to ever walk the planet.  He loves to snuggle and give head-butts, and he keeps our older cat, Monte, on his toes!!  The only things he doesn't like are baths and car rides (big surprise there!)  Thank you so much for our kitty, we can't wait to come back and adopt more!
Best Dog Ever and Co-pilot

Last month I adopted Darby. Best dog ever. She has a 1/3 acre yard with an electric fence. we walk her regularly. Although she is a "senior" female she likes to play play play. Just wanted you to know she is living happily ever after.
Celebrity Tony

Just wanted to let you see our kitty made the front page of the Washington newspaper last week! The contest is still in progress but the paper is selecting some entries to promote it. His "first year birthday adoption" from APA is next month. What a great pet he is!
Buddy is a very Handsome Fellow

I just wanted to thank you all for the great work you do.  One year ago tomorrow I came in looking for a cat friend.  I eventually chose (or actually he chose me) a beautiful striped fellow whose name was Sterling. He was described as "very shy" but he made it plain he wanted to go home with me.  He had been adopted once but had been returned 2 weeks later.  After just a few days the shyness started wearing off.  He's now a happy, confident, very handsome fellow.  He loves to play and teaches me new games all the time.  I can't imagine a more wonderful companion.  I tell him all the time that I'm so very glad he's here.  He now goes by his nickname "Buddy" as Sterling seemed so formal. So thank you so much again and here's a picture I took of him!
Scruffy Rules Roost!

We adopted Scruffy on 10/11/2006, and he is the best, smartest and most handsome dog I have ever owned.  He celebrated his 7th birthday on 4/11/12.  When I went to the shelter to just have a look, they let Scruffy out of his cage and he immediately came over and threw his front legs over mine.  I was a goner at that point, and as soon as he was neutered, home he came.  Scruffy loves to chew on things, and even demolished a cell phone...but he has settled in quite well.  He's been to obedience school and listens very well...he has also become very protective of his family.  He is my best friend and is always looking out the window waiting for me to come home from work...and I could not imagine my life without him. Yes, he rules the roost!!

Joey Boy, a Bit Perplexing

This is Joey Boy, previously Nemo, adopted from the APA of MO. Joey Boy is half pug, half shorkie, or as I call him a pushorkie. He lives with his brother Roman Puganini, whose rear you can see in this picture, a ten year old mature pug who is a bit perplexed to suddenly share his home with a VERY energetic puppy! Still, they love each other like crazy and Joey Boy is definitely a member of the family! His house training is going well, and we have hope that as he gets older he will learn two important lessons:
1. It's fine to sleep past 6:45. Go wild and sleep until nine!
2. Not everything is for biting.

Thanks to the APA for bringing this ball of energy into our household!

This Jewel has Attitude

I just wanted to give you guys an update on my kitty. I adopted Jewels in October of 2006. I was a college student who was looking for a companion. At first, I had picked out a kitten, but when I saw Jewels’ eyes I knew I had to get her. She was shy at the beginning, I even lost her in my apartment for a day. Once she got to know me her true personality shined. She is a VERY talkative cat, you can look at her and she will talk back to you. She answers and comes when you call her and every time I come home from work she waits for me at the door. My friends say that she must be a dog stuck in a cat’s body. She is a longhaired cat, but she goes to the groomers every 3 months to get shaved and washed. She is very lovable and will sit in your lap for hours. She loves to play with the most random things in the house (such as fortune cookies from Chinese restaurants). She will push everything around the floor. She had been returned to the APA twice before I got her. They said that she didn’t get along with other animals. Once I adopted her she lived with both a cat and a dog at one point. She got along just fine with both of them. She has more attitude then you can imagine, and the household is her castle. She is going to be 11 years old this year, and I could not imagine my life without her in it. Thank you so much for giving me my bundle of colorful joy.

Cuddle-bugs & Hedgehogs CAN live Together!

I wanted to thank you so much for letting me take Ernie (now named Sev) home. When I adopted him he had a bad upper respiratory infection, but with medication, love, and time he is all better. He loves to talk and is the biggest cuddle-bug; more often than not I will wake up to him cuddle at my side. When he isn't sleeping at my side he is sleeping next to my hedgehog Prickles' cage. Sev has some un-requainted love for his hedgehog brother. He loves to play fetch with his stuffed toys and has earned the name "spastic monkey" from my friends. There is a bit of a nipping problem when he gets too excited during play, but he is slowly learning appropriate behavior. He is an absolute joy and his presence has helped alleviate my depression so much.

PS - He loves to sleep next to me me when I study. This picture was snapped during one of those times.

Captain Cyrus the Wonderdog

We adopted Cyrus a couple months ago and just thought we'd let you guys know he is doing great! He is VERY active and likes to spend time out in the yard running the fence with his neighbors! But, he is also VERY sweet. It isn't good enough for him to just sit next to us on the couch, he wants to sit ON US on the couch! He has also decided that he doesn't really need four paws on the ground and cracks us up by jumping aound on just the back two! He reminds us of the slinky dog from Toy Story. Just look at the picture! Cyrus really has become our resident comedian! Thank you for allowing us to bring him into our family!

Tribute to Terren

This is my dog Terren who left this life May 16, 2012, at the age of 17.  I adopted Terren from the APA in 1995 when she was only 2 months old.   I want to thank your organization for giving me the best companion of my life.  For 17 years, she filled my life with joy, protection, laughter and sadness.  She was loved by all and will be missed.  I wanted to share this because even though she has passed, she is quite a success story.  She grew up with 2 other dogs, Kahlo--who passed last year due to cancer at age 15 and Zoe, 14, who is still with me.

Nicholaz Throws Down the Challenge

Approximately 10 years ago, my wife and I adopted Nicholaz.
He, at the time, was just a little ball of black fur, mostly Belgian sheep dog.
We were told that he would never be a good watch dog.
 Well, Nicholaz has given us more joy than we could have ever expected.
He announces people walking down the street, folks on bikes, mail men,
and especially, the UPS truck.
 He catches a frisbee like a pro, loves to get into the water. He simply brings the frisbee to the
back door, tosses it down, and challenges us to a game of catch.
Nicholaz thrives on affection, good food, and exercise. He is still in very good condition.
Thanks for a great friend.
Riding the Storm out!

I adopted Storm the first week of January.  He was a hairy little Shih Tzu that had just been turned in a few days before.  I believe Storm was waiting for my arrival to give him a new home.  I immediately made an appointment for Storm to go to the groomer so I could tell what he really looked like.
(smile)  Storm has become the lost love of my life.  He is just so sweet and loves to play ball. He is a master at fetch.  The weather has been so beautiful in St. Louis, we have had much time to play in the backyard.  I kept the name "Storm" because it is a name that applies to him... He is a little mischievous, but that is all with being a puppy.  I think I have a toddler again after 25 years! Thanks so much!
A Little Update

Just a little update on hoodie.  It has been a year since he came to our house.  We are all doing great and he is just a wonderful little dog.
Doing Great!

A week ago I was adopted by Ziggy the dog.  He is doing great in his new home!
All Around Great Cat is the Purrfect Pet!

My boyfriend and I adopted our marvelous gray & white cat, Doctor Watson (formerly known as Panther) in late December. We would really love to thank everyone at the APA for helping to bring him into our life. He is such a loving, friendly and inquisitive little guy. As an all-around great cat, he loves to cuddle and have his belly rubbed, as well as bouncing around the house playing with his many toys. He really is the purrrfect pet! He continues to bring us endless smiles and we look forward to a wonderful life with our favorite feline! Thanks so much!

Read it Again

Last week was Coco’s 2nd visit to the vet for a booster vaccination – He now weighs a healthy 80lbs (was less than 50lbs in Nov.) which has earned him the nickname “The Bulldozer.” Everyday I’m so happy and grateful to have Coco as a part of our family and I’m especially thankful to the staff at the APA for all their advice, patience, and for giving us a second chance.         

Our advice to new dog parents experiencing adjustment issues:
3.)    Most likely it’s YOUR problem, not the dog’s problem.
4.)    Be patient. Be calm. Stay optimistic.
5.)    It may feel like things will never settle down and get better, but it will.
6.)    Adopt an older dog -- they know a lot of cool tricks already and can learn new ones
         if someone will just give them a chance!

It's a Good Life!

I thought maybe the great people at APA would like to see how regally our two Black Labs are living in their forever home. Harrison (APA name Roy) is on the left.  He was adopted in November 2009.  Shiloh (APA name Sheena) is on the right.  She was adopted in September 2011.  Both dogs bring so much joy to our home and we are grateful to APA for making it possible for us to have them with us. Thank you for all the great work you do for animals.

Queen of the Castle

I adopted the sweet Bonnie in late November. I just wanted to thank your staff for loving and taking such great care of these animals and to also update on how she is doing. It took her all of a few hours to accustom herself to her new home. It's just her and I and I always joke on how she's the queen of her castle and I'm the princess. She loves her laser light, milk rings in the tub, and window bathing. She's very independent but cuddly at bedtime. I just wanted to let your staff know that she is doing well and im very happy with her. She's a great kitty! Thanks APA

Did someone say Turkey?!?

I asked my boyfriend for a puppy for my birthday, and we searched all of the websites. We found the APA had the most dogs that we wanted to come see. When we walked into the room where all of the puppies were and I looked at all of them, they were all so sweet! Barking and wagging their tails, running in circles and making tons of noise! Then I noticed, in the bottom cage, all the way in the corner, this sweet baby girl. A 3 month old pit bull/lab mix named Mischa. She was just sitting there, staring up with hope that she might just be looking at her new parents. She wasn't barking or running in circles. Just sitting there being sweet! We got her out and I didn't even make it into the "playroom" before I knew she was the one. We took Mischa home and and she was a total breeze. She was housebroken, crate trained, and doing basic commands within two weeks! We just celebrated her fourth birthday and she is doing great! Her best friends are our 7 year old son and her "cousin" (my mom's boxer), Lola. She is still very laid back but loves to be spoiled. She'll never argue with a nap in our bed! She especially loves when mom (that would be me!) sneaks a little turkey gravy on her food! Anyway, just wanted to send a special thank you to our wonderful dog's original family.
Jack, The Social Butterfly!

We adopted Jack (a labradoodle) in 2006 from the APA.  He has been a great addition to our family.  We call him “Mr. Social Butterfly,” as he loves EVERYONE (especially if they will throw a ball for him!).  In this picture, he was actually waiting for Mom to throw his tennis ball in the snow.  He would chase a ball all day if he could (and sometimes he does).
Monday Mascot Becomes Constant Companion

We adopted Mandy about three months ago at the APA. We saw her on the KPLR 11 Monday Mascot segment. She is a German Sheppard Beagle mix and is 11 years old. Don't tell her that. She still thinks she is a puppy and is full of energy. She always wants to play ball and tug of war and we go for long walks every day. We walk around town and through the state park trails when the weather permits, usually about 1 - 3 miles a day. You could not ask for a better dog! Well mannered, she loves everyone and gets along with all the other animals, even the cats. She certainly has become a big part of our family and everyone loves her. She has become my constant companion. I can't thank the APA enough for making the adoption such good experience, and for keeping Mandy until she was adopted and taking such good care of her.  Do not hesitate to visit the APA if you are looking for a new companion, whether it be a cat or a dog. I am sure glad we did and I would recommend them highly. We hope Mandy is with us for many years to come.
Everyone Loves Feebie

I wanted to give you all an update on Feebie.  She became a part of our family the beginning of Jan. She is so sweet and loving. She has taken to my 2 boys as if she were always with kids, she loves to play fetch and run around the yard with them. She sleeps with my oldest son and has made his room hers.  We are so happy to have her and already love her so much.  I wanted to let you know she seems very happy, mostly from the kisses and snuggles she gives us all. Thank you for all you do in saving and careing for these wonderful animals. Sometimes all they need is a second chance for a family with lots of love to come and rescue them.  If anyone is looking for a pet look no further, find one at the APA, you will not regret your decision.

Goin' for the Gusto

My husband and I adopted a wire haired dachshund named "Topper" back in November.  I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to have him as a member of our family. We did rename him "Gusto" and he lives up to his name. Gusto and our other dachshund, Moxie, spent the holidays with us traveling all over the Midwest, visiting family and celebrating. He is still working on his shyness, but is such a delightful and loving dog. Thank you for helping us bring him to his forever home! Here is a photo of Gusto (aka "Topper") with his new sister, Moxie, sitting on their favorite place on the couch.

Jenkies! It's Willie!

My husband and I adopted Jenkies.  We named him Willie and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful he has been. He purrs 24/7, such a lover and gets along very well with Charlie!  Thank you or your help and we are so happy to have Willie in our family!!

New Year's Wishes

Tony had a great Christmas. We wish you a wonderful new year and hope many APA animals can be placed in good homes.

Happy Holidays!

Not sure if you will all remember Jack.  I adopted him from you a few months back. 
I am so very thankful a friend saw him on TV and was convinced he and Hazel (the little lady I adopted the year before) were related and belonged together. Both dogs are fabulous and wonderful and have truly rescued me! I thought you might enjoy seeing our holiday photo!

Some Things are Meant to Be

My dog, Frisco, who I adopted 14 years earlier from the APA, was diagnosed with bone cancer, and the vet told me that he would only live another 90 days. My husband and I started to prepare ourselves by talking about the when, what, and how of our next dog. He started sending me web sites of various rescue groups.
One day he sent me the site of the now-defunct pointer rescue in St. Louis. They specialized in English and German Short Hair pointers. I told my husband, that's what I want. I want a GSP, male, named Mack.
But we would wait until this spring.
As the vet predicted, Frisco lived for about 90 days and we had to say goodby in early August 2006. About two weeks later, I was (very) sad and looking at the APA web site. And there was a male GSP named MACK!
I called my husband and told him our dog was waiting for us. It was simply meant to be.
Thank you for all the good work you do.

Jack, Happily Herding His Family

I was told when I adopted my Border Collie that you guys would love to have some pictures.  I have changed his name from Slip to Jack.  He is so full of energy and has learned to howl.  His hair in which his previous owner shaved is slowly growing back.  He loves Nylabones and tug ropes.  He loves to run!  He has warmed up to us a lot in the past 2 months.  When he came here, he was frightened of everyone and everything.  We now cannot get him to stop following us.  That’s a good thing!!  I babysat a cat while the owner was on vacation.  As you can see, they got along nicely.  He is happiest on the furniture snuggled up to my daughter or me.

Daisy helps Poppy Bloom!

We adopted Daisy, a black lab/poodle mix from the APA in 2009.  She immediately became infatuated with her new sister, who is also a rescue, and now the two are inseparable!  Daisy is the sweetest, most loving, easy going dog we know! She definitely compliments her sister Poppy, who is the exact opposite!  I believe that Daisy's calm, soothing energy has helped Poppy relax and become more trusting!  We hike with "The Girls" 3 times a week for many miles each time.  They get to run free on our hikes and have a blast just being dogs! We are so fortunate she found us! She is a sensitive, happy soul who makes you feel better just by looking in her direction!
Thank you to the APA for all that you do!

Kittens were Cute, But Tony was Charming

Our cat Pepper died in summer 2011 at age 17. While we knew we couldn't replace him, we eventually started looking to adopt a kitten. While the kittens at APA were cute, the cat that charmed us the most was a handsome 7-year-old who had been surrendered to APA because his owner died. We promised our newly adopted kitty a very good home. We never expected that he would reciprocate by being so affectionate, smart, and interesting! Tony is packed with personality and he also quickly adjusted to our 10-year-old female kitty. We are so grateful for the good care that Tony received at APA. He is a wonderful cat!

Sitting Pretty

Here is one of the pictures we took of the boys last night.   They were sitting pretty for the camera.  The whole family is totally in love.  We have a daughter who is 20 and a son 17, and when we first brought Twinkie home they were afraid he was just an old dog who would do nothing but sleep.  Last night they were in the kitchen sitting on the floor rolling tiny tennis balls back and forth and playing with the boys.  They are very full of energy and playfulness.
I think Teddy is going to adjust just fine.  Twinkie follows wherever you go and Teddy is right behind him.  Funny since Twinkie is the little guy.
Another success story for us and an adoption through the APA.  Our beloved Missy that we adopted back in the 90’s has been gone for a few years now.  Our kids grew up with her and our family photo album is filled with memories of her.  We are looking forward to making new memories with Twinkie and Teddy.

Who Needs a Doll...

Hello! Just my yearly update on the cat we adopted from the APA. She apparently thinks the doll canopy bed is also a cat hammock. LOL! Tiana still talks non-stop and is always waiting at the door for us when we come home. Thanks again for letting us have this crazy & wonderful cat into our lives!

love love love LOVE him!

We adopted Micro and we just wanted to say that we love love love LOVE him!!! He has such a sweet disposition and is getting acquainted with everyone already. The kids adore him too! We had a remarkably great/easy experience with your staff and with picking him out.  We've been preparing for his arrival for months and we just needed to find the right pup!  APA is awesome!

Smart and Athletic

I adopted Sally on Aug 20, 2010, and she has changed my life for the better.  She is such a smart, sweet girl.  I can't imagine my life without her.  The day I adopted Sally she had just been brought into the APA from a staff member who fostered her.  I do not know the foster’s name but I wanted her to know Sally is doing wonderful and is very happy.  She is the sweetest dog ever.  She loves to go on walks and is a really good soccer and baseball player :)  Yes she knows how to play both.  I want to thank APA for the perfect dog :)

Thumbs Up, Killian!

My husband and I adopted an orange and white polydactyl kitten named Thumbs at the end of June (we changed his name to Killian)!  We had his pictures done and wanted to send a few of our favorites to you :)  Thank you so much for all the work you all do for animals, and thank you so much for our newest family member - we absolutely love him!

"Little Shadow" has FUREVER Home

We recently adopted a 4 month old Beagle mix and named him Tengo. He's a WONDERFUL and VERY smart puppy. He loves loves my daughters, and he is like their little shadow! We couldn't have asked for a better fit for our family. I'm so happy that we chose to adopt from the APA. Tengo has a FUREVER home with us and will be spoiled like my girls are! Thank you so much!

Good Source of Entertainment!

I adopted a 2yr old Bloodhound/ Boxer mix named Louise on 10/30/2010 from the APA.  She was surrendered by her owner who was not able to keep her due to being forced to move into an apartment.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  My husband and I love her to pieces and she has become a good source of entertainment for my co-workers!  Everyone that meets her cannot help but love her!
Here are a few pics..enjoy and thank you so much for this wonderful addition to our family!!

Not Two of a Kind

I adopted my kittens in July 2010. My big furball, Morrie, is a dark orange male whose original name was Pauly. My short haired girl, Kiedis, is from the same litter as Morrie but they have very different features. Her name was Sunny. They are spoiled rotten, love people, and have made my house a home.

Wonderful Addition to our Family!

I adopted Dumbo on Thursday evening, and took these pictures Saturday.  I have a Shih Tzu at home, and Dumbo has fit in perfectly.  He has so much character and follows me everywhere I go.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family!  Thank you so much for all that you do!!!

I am Hers

In April 2010, I adopted "Cassidy", now Cassie from the APA.   This is the first time I have ever had a dog that was not a puppy when she became mine.  Cassie had a whole year and a half of history that I have no knowledge of.   She was so sweet in the shelter, but she was timid. It was obvious that she had been a young mother too.  When I first got Cassie, she was restless.  She chewed on things.  She tasted furniture, shoes, and any object that she found interesting to look at.  She was snuggly, but only to a small degree.  She was wary of me.  She was happy to see me, but didn't seem to want to commit fully.   In the past few months, she has changed.   She leaps and jumps on me when I get home from work. She is beside me on the bed.  Not at the foot, not on the floor or the other room.  When I wake up in the morning, she is there.   She is safe.  She is home.  She is mine.  I am hers.  We are a family.   Thank you for helping me find this beautiful girl.

Meet Your Best Friend & Family Member By Adopting!

In late 1994 I adopted a "Pet of the Week" from the APA.  My grandmother, mother, and I stopped by the APA one day on a whim and noticed this beautiful, large, male sheltie named Toby.  The three of us inquired about him, even though the tag on his door said he was taken.  After checking, an employee told us that the adoption planned for that day had not gone through, and he was available.  Toby was brought to the front of the building for us to meet him.  My mother took one look at him, petted his long coat, and said "Let's get him."  Even though I had just moved to MO from GA and was staying with my grandmother, we agreed.  Toby was my first pet as an adult!  Grandma taught Toby to climb stairs, and he quickly adapted to his new environment.  Toby was with me through 4 moves, 3 other canine companions, marriage, divorce, and the marriage to my current husband (who has two sons that immediately became attached to Toby).  Toby was the absolute best dog/companion/confidant/"kid" I ever had.  I adopted him at 1.5 years old, and he lived a full, happy life until age 14.  Toby had no enemies, and had a tolerant attitude that I could only aspire to have.  Toby has forever changed my life, and for this reason, I will ALWAYS adopt when looking for a canine companion.  It is because of him that I strongly oppose any breeding practices strictly for profit.  I hope others will read this adoption success story and will realize they can meet the best friend and family member they could ever have by adopting.  I surely did!

Can Hardly Contain His Excitement

In late August I adopted Oscar, the Corgi/German Shepherd mix, from the APA.   He is doing amazingly and loving everything from going for runs to sleeping in Saturday mornings.  We are still working on general doggie manners (he can't contain himself when we have visitors, its just too exciting!), but he is very smart and learns fast.  We are super happy we found each other, and I just wanted to let you know we are doing so well!  We are moving to Pennsylvania in a few months, and after we get settled in there, we're going to look for a brother for Oscar, because he loves other dogs so much.

My Obsession!

I adopted a little Doberman Mix a few months ago and so far things couldn't be better.  My little pup Finn loves to run around in all of the snow and play with other dogs.  He even has had a few sleepovers with his "Grandparents" and loves exploring new places.  Finn is my first dog and I am truly obsessed and in love! He is a great companion and an even better snuggler. Finn is working hard on shake so he can keep getting his favorite treats: hot dog bits! Yum Yum!

Lovin' the Doggy Door

It has been 3 years since my mom adopted me from the APA and I am having so much fun!  I have my doggy door now.  I love it!  I loving going outside and laying on the deck or out in the yard anytime I want to.  My sister Fiona won't push the door flaps yet but mom is working with her.  My sister and I are also taking classes at Columbia Canine Sports Center.  We both love it.  They use positive reinforcement.  In fact, mom told me "no" for trying to be the boss over another dog in class and she got in trouble!  Well, not bad trouble.  Anyway, the point is to not let your dog do the unwanted behavior before he does it and not just saying "no" after the behavior is done.  The classes are a lot of fun and we all look forward to going to them.
Well, gotta go.  I'll talk to you later.

L  Yeah!

We adopted Leah (now spelled Lyeah) early September. She is an awesome dog!  In the beginning we had to buy her a lot of chew toys and take her for very long walks. She is great to have as a pet and we are thankful for having her.

Dublin Fits Our Style

We recently adopted an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler mix from the APA.  We named her Dublin.  She is so unique and energetic, she definitely keeps us going.  We are so glad we found her.  She fits our style perfectly and we love her so much.  Thank you for the help and the wonderful dog.

Fitting in Quite Well

We recently adopted a puppy named Pokey from the APA. We are proud to say that he is fitting in quite well and loves his new brother. We renamed him Leo and he is definitely enjoying his new backyard and couch he sleeps on every night. Leo is being well taken care of and we just wanted to thank you for giving our dog Keiser a new brother to play with

Peanut, One Smart Cookie!

Peanut has adjusted quite well at home with her new canine/feline friends. I adopted her last week and the first thing she did was race around the yard trying to engage one of the others into a game of tag. I am so glad to have her and for you to have kept her for a longer period of time so I had the chance to meet her! She is one smart cookie and seems to enjoy her new home.  Peanut and I thank you!

Moseley Goes to School

My daughter just moved to St. Louis to attend graduate school for the next five years. Before arriving, she spent months combing the APA website looking for a companion. We have dogs at home, but knew that most apartments would only allow cats. We talked about adopting an older cat knowing they were less likely to find a forever home. We were on the doorstep of APA on our first morning in St. Louis and quickly made a list of both kittens and cats that appealled to us. We zeroed in on two older cats whose stories indicated that they had a rough start in life. Moseley (aka Mr. Breezy) immediately gave us kisses, headbutts and rolled on his back so we could rub his belly. It was very apparent that this cat was well taken care of and loved by another family previously. As a bonus, Moseley was part of the Adoption Angels program, so all adoption fees were waived! This cat a perfect companion for my daughter who is far away from home and on her own for the first time. We miss our daughter, but it brings us comfort knowing that Moseley is bringing her so much happiness. Thanks APA!

Good Citizen Kaito

We adopted an Akita named Jack from the APA in September 2008.
We named him Kaito, and he has one of the greatest dispositions you could ask for.  He recently passed his CGC test!  Kaito lives with a Bichon, another Akita and a Chow.

Lonely Heart No More

On April 14, 2009, we adopted Honey, a Collie mix who had been in your Lonely Hearts Club for some time. She had a skin condition that resulted in her being almost completely shaven when she came to the APA, but we could see a beautiful dog very much deserving of a forever home.  We are so glad she decided to make this her forever home and she certainly brings much joy and happiness to our family.

My Shadow

I adopted a black lab from the APA on Dec. 11, 1999. It was a difficult time for me, and I really felt that a dog would make a difference in my life.
After spending an hour or so looking at dogs, I came across Shadow. I didn't pick her, she picked me. For the last 11 years she has brought more love and joy into our lives than could ever be put in to words. 
We spent countless hours roaming the woods on our farm in the Ozarks - she would often range far ahead, but would never let me out of her sight. She was always protective when someone came to the door, but was ready to be anyone's best friend once they were inside. She loved kids, and never bit anyone.
Unfortunately, her kidneys failed, and I had to put her down this morning. I know I'll miss her terribly, but I have a thousand great memories (and our other dog!) to smooth things out. I don't know if you often hear from folks who have adopted from you, but I wanted to let you know what a difference you all make, not only in the lives of dogs, but people as well. Thanks again for all that you do.

To the wonderful people at the APA,

Hi everybody!  I wanted to tell you about the new home you guys found for me.  My people liked the name McCoy better, so they call me by that now.  I live down the street from a park and I run my mom down there everyday to meet up with my friends, all the neighborhood dogs know me, I am very popular.  As you know I am awesome at fetch and the people puppy and I play it all the time.
I have invented the dogoman (it was a people ottoman, but it is now my
bed) and very much enjoy being closer to the bed, it allows me to sneak on the people bed at night and claim my fair share.
Thank you for taking me in when I needed you, my people and I will always have a special place in our hearts for all of the wonderful people at the APA that gave me a second chance.

Your furry friend,
-Cowboy McCoy

Christmas Present of Presence

We adopted Scooter on December 15, 2009.  He loves his brother and sisters.  He sleeps on our heads with his head against our cheeks.  He had a great Christmas and brought us great joy with his presence.

New Best Friends!

I just wanted to let you know that Kathy is doing wonderfully here in her forever home- she and I have both found a new best friend. We go everywhere together. My mom even said “it’s almost as if there’s an invisible string connecting you two!” And it’s true- we’re both certainly sadder when we’re apart. When I get home and unlock the door Kathy comes running over, so very excited, and thumps her paws on the ground, like she’s saying, “I’m so happy you’re here!” Sometimes she even hops on her back feet! It makes each day so much nicer to know that I’ll be going home to such be greeted with such love and affection!

Grandma & Grandpa love Jewels, Lucy holds her own!

We just wanted to update all of you on the new addition to the family.
Jewels has been a joy to have in the family. As you know our biggest concern about bringing a new pet in our home was how it would affect Lucy our 15 yr. old Spaniel Mix. Lucy has been holding her own. We even seem to think that Jewels has added some new life to Lucy. Jewels seems to be settling in well. She loves all the new toys and bones but seems to hide many of them. At this point we can not find her ball to play catch. She loves going on walks, playing catch and a good game of tug-o-war.  We are using the Gentle Leader with her, so she walks with me instead of taking me for a walk. We had her over at Grandma and Grandpa's house and they love Jewels.  We decided to change her name to Jewels because we feel she is such a "gem".  We will keep everyone updated on Jewels.

Reno & Vegas Now Together!

We just wanted to give you an update on Holly, an Australian Shepherd mix that we adopted.  She now answers to the name Reno and she loves her sister Vegas!
She is such a sweetie and a quick learner. She learned the invisible fence in TWO days! She also knows sit, hip, come, and high five. She loves to sleep in her kennel at night and in the morning, she loves to snuggle in the bed with us.
She has been a wonderful addition to our family!  Thanks so much for the wonderful work you do!

Chance Fits the Bill!

We adopted Grover a 6 year old beagle mix from the APAMO in late February 2010 after he had been there almost a month.  He is now re-named Chance.  Apparently he was a staff favorite.  Everyone seems to want the very young dogs or puppies.  Not us, we specifically wanted to give a mature dog a good, secure home.  Chance really fit the bill.  From the moment he walked in our door it's like he's been here forever.  He's the most sweet natured, loveable, obedient dog you could ever meet.  He just wants to please.  Loves people and other dogs.  Perfect on his house-training and excellent manners.  When we're gone he just sleeps, he never bothers anything.  Not sure why this dog was taken to a shelter because he's everything you could possibly want.  We love him dearly, he sleeps with us, gives us kisses and you can really see his gratitude just to be here with us. He'll play in the backyard with his westie "sister", then come in for a good long snooze.  Chance is the perfect dog.  I had a feeling I could not resist when I saw him online, my daughter and I had to come pick him up and we'll be forever grateful I went with that feeling.  He exceeded our expectations.  He's a great buddy. Thank you APA -- you guys are wonderful.  We will always come to you if we're ever looking to adopt.  Keep up the good work... you're such nice people.

Older Dogs are Amazing!

My brother adopted a shy, quiet older dog, Trucker, from the APA in February.  At first she didn't seem to have any energy but everything changed when we got her home.  We changed her name to Gracie and she has been an amazing addition to our family.  She is so well mannered, polite, sweet, and she listens so well.  We love her so much and can't imagine life without her.  Since adopting an older dog, I have realized how special the older ones are.  She has such an amazing story to tell and is so appreciative to be in our home.  You can see it in her eyes the love and thankfulness she has for us.  She is amazing and I hope that this can show other families that puppies are not the only ones that need homes.  The older dogs are amazing and you will not regret adopting an older dog.  Gracie is perfect and we feel so lucky to have found her.  Thanks APA!
Queen of the House!

I would just like to give you an update on the Black female Pit Bull that we adopted from the APA in the spring of 2007 She was only about 8wks old when we got her from the APA.  She is a perfect addition to our family (we also have a male Brindle pit that is 4 yrs old). Chloe now weighs 63 lbs and is the MOST lovable dog ever.  She is the Queen of this house that is for sure (just the way we like it!)  Thank you so much for all the wonderful things the APA does to help the precious creatures find a good home.  My life would not be the same if we hadn't found Chloe.
Sisters recommend the APA!

We adopted our dog Kacie from the APA 3 years ago.  She has a new sister that we adopted from the Pevely Humane Society and her name is Cena.  They have a huge back yard to play in and are inseparable.  Kacie is incredibly gentle, loving and a great dog.  We can't thank you all enough for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a wonderful dog.  My dog from childhood was adopted from the APA and that's how I knew where to come.  We are always recommending the APA to our friends and family but tell them that even if they don't chose the APA to adopt from somewhere. 
Thank you again!
Jeff and Danielle Everard

Anywhere they want!

This morning my cat Bella (who was named Grey when she stayed in your care) was sleeping on a suitcase unpacked this weekend. It reminded me of when we filled out the adoption application in November of 2006. The question was, “Where will your pet sleep?” Matthew filled in, “Anywhere they want.”

Here is her photo, along with one of her sister Rina, AKA Flirt. We often say how glad we are that you saved them for us for all that time.  They were at the APA for over a year before we adopted them and the four of us were obviously meant to be together.

They call me Bella!

We adopted Hershey on April 11 and we just wanted to give you an update!  She is such a good puppy and she has fit right into our family.  She loves running around our big fenced in yard and is doing great with kennel training.  We have changed her name to Bella, and she already answers to it!!  Thank you so much for giving us the chance to add Bella to our family and taking such great care of her.

Oreo Sandwich

We adopted Oreo about a year and a half ago.  He is the best cat ever.  He comes when you call him, he snuggles, and he loves to play.  He soon got a friend named Penny, another black and white cat I found at Petsmart.  A year later, we went back to the APA and adopted Isis.  She is a crazy kitten who LOVES to play and have her head rubbed.  All three are black and white cats and they have very distinct personalities, but they are the best of friends.  Thank you APA we love our furry family!
Laid Back, Big B

I thought I would drop you a note and send some pics of Bruster or Big B, as we call him! We adopted him in April 2008 from the APA. He is a very sweet, very big boy and we are glad to have him. He weighed 51 lbs in April now is about 110 lbs!
It's a Dog's Life

My husband and I adopted a dashaund mix puppy you guys named Darren on Sept 20th 2008...we changed his name to Shaymus! Shaymus has been the best pup ever. He's so loveable. And I am very glad we came to the APA to find him.
He now enjoys laying in the sun, chasing butterflys, and sleeping in a very large doggy bed with a million toys! We were so lucky to find him! Thanks APA!

Doing well out on the farm

Well it was a year ago that my mom picked me up from the APA.  I can’t tell you how much I love my new home.  I got to go to obedience school and learn lots of good things like sit, stay, come, here, down.  I also got to do agility stuff.  I live on a farm back in off a gravel road. I get to dig up moles and field mice. My mom takes me for lots of walks. 
Well, have to go for now.  Just wanted to let everyone know how much I love my new home.

Corby Brooks

The best additions to our family

My mother and I adopted 3 kittens from the APA in February 2008.  They are the best additions to our family in a long time.  Rocky, Bonnie and Clyde are inseparable.  They play together all the time and are lovey-dovey to each other.  Rocky turned 1 year old in September and Bonnie and Clyde will be turning 1 next month!  I can't believe their growing up so fast!
 My mother and I just wanted to thank the APA for everything that led to us picking the perfect housemates.  We wouldn't trade any of them ever!
Layla, Settling in nicely

We adopted this cat on 8/16/08, and I just wanted to let you know what a great kitty she’s turned out to be. She loves everyone in the family and even gets along with the dog.  We always take a nice photo of each of our pets, and I thought you might like to see that she’s settled in nicely!
BooBoo, 10 year success

My mom and I adopted a shy black kitten from the APA in June of 1998.  We named her Samantha (her nickname is BooBoo), took her home and she quickly became the queen of the house.  In the last 10 years she has been a great addition to our family and I thank the APA greatly for introducing me to my kitty.
Again, thanks to everyone at the APA for all that you do for the animals and the families that adopt them.

Moonshine Has  Growth Spurt

This adorable black lab was just a tiny puppy when his new family adopted him from the APA nine years ago.  Now this pup is 90 pounds of joy, and he still comes to see Dr. Dietsch at the APA clinic.  Moonshine loves his new Christmas present-- a crowing rooster.

Elly Mae is Growing Up

Elly was adopted in July from the APA, and she loves her new home.  Now ten months old, Elly's "mommy and daddy love her VERY much," and they insist that she is the "BEST puppy you could ever imagine!"

Chatty Chai Loves a Buddha Belly Rub

Chai (rhymes with ‘hi’) is a big talker and into everything.  He likes to hang up the phone on people by stepping on the big button and lay on newspapers when his parents are trying to read or keyboards when they are trying to type.  Chai's new family says, "he is the bestest cat ever!"

Petey Found a Reason to Smile

Petey loves his new home with his new brother Guss.  Together they run, play and cuddle.  Petey is obviously very happy with his new soft bed, and he loves to be petted and brushed by his mom and dad.

Chloe Finds a Home for Herself and a Friend

A young couple came to the APA to see the two irish terriers they had seen on the internet, and they fell in love with the female, Chloe.  When out on a walk near her new home, another family approached Chloe's parents and asked about their adorable pet.  Chloe's mom and dad referred them to the APA to see the other irish terrier, Shadow, and Shadow went home the very next day!  Thanks, Chloe!  And thanks to your folks, too!

Rock Star Johnny B. Goode

This adorable Treeing Walker Coonhound mix already has a huge group of fans.  Johnny loves to take walks and "entertain" the other kids in his family, and according to his agent/manager (AKA Mom), he "couldn't be sweeter."

Colby is Very Much at Home

Colby wants his old friends at the APA to know that he couldn’t be happier in his new home. Reminding us that he was just a little pudgy when he left here, he says his new mom has him on a diet. But…while she’s unloading the groceries, he knows where to find the food!

Funny Face

Antigone's dad thinks she resembles a certain star of the the silver screen, and we would have to agree!  After being adopted in 1995, Antigone  ("Tiggy") has been the star of her family "a model of feminine duty and filial piety."  To see more great comparisons of Tiggy and Audrey, click here.

Mr. Big is the Biggest Loser

When adopted in November of 2006, this somewhat tubby kitty was known as "Mr. Big." Thanks to his wonderful new mom, Mr. Big no longer lives up to his old name, and he now goes by "Tucker!" Tucker runs his household and loves to greet his many visitors at the door. When not posing for the camera, Tucker loves to sit right in front of the computer monitor while mom tries to check her email.

Duece Scores with his New Family

Duece found his permanent home back in March, and he is a "wonderful addition" to his new family.  This lovable pooch has a great time swimming and camping, and he and his big brother, black lab Chase, make an excellent duo.

Phoebe Comforts her New Mom

Adopted in 2002, Phoebe couldn't have come to her new family at a better time.  This sweet cat has helped her mom through a very difficult death in the family.  She is a constant comfort with her cuddling and affection.  Phoebe's mom hopes that "all pets bring as much love and joy to a family as Phoebe does to her."

New Best Friends!

Pippin was adopted from the APA in December of 2002.  He sleeps on his new mom's pillow with her everynight and loves to play with his new best buddy, Pancake.  He is so much fun to have around!

Manny Poses for the Camera

This adorable black lab is the joy of his parents' lives. Adopted from the APA nine years ago, Manny (short for Emmanuel) posed for the camera at last year's Canine Carnival. We're so happy that he and his family have shared such wonderful times together over the last nine years!

All a Kid Could Ask For

This adorable pooch Willie was the best birthday present ever for his new 8-year-old family member, Adam. Willie was adopted in June, and he loves his new home and all of the attention he gets.

Casper the Friendly Cat

Casper is his dad's very first cat ever, and he couldn't be happier. Adopted back in February, this adorable cat has "been a loving and handsome buddy" to his new best friend.

The Leader of the Pack

After ten weeks of waiting for her family at the APA, Kaydee found the perfect match and has made herself at home in her wolf-themed bedroom. This lucky dog gets to "run free with her pack" every afternoon in a nearby park. Her family is so happy to have found her, for "she is one terrific dog!"

  Queen Bee

Kimmy was adopted from the APA last March. Her soon-to-be mommy knew there was potential for Kimmy to be a great companion. Now at home she is queen bee. She loves to sleep on her mommy's chest and loves to be brushed. Kimmy waited a long time to find her forever home - but it was worth the wait!

By My Side

Nikki was adopted for her mommy’s 45th birthday and she’s been a joy ever since! She stays close to her mommy’s side when they go places and follows commands well. Nikki is eager to please in every way and she adores everyone. Her mommy says she’ll never go anywhere else to find another pet other than the APA!


Right at Home!

Orville and Wilbur were adopted last December and are right at home, they like to sleep in the bed and chase each other around the house at top speed.


If you’ve adopted from us, we’d be happy to include your story here. Just send a note and picture to Adoption Supervisor, APA, 1705 S. Hanley, St. Louis MO 63144 or via e-mail at