Group Classes 


We help St. Louis area children and adults understand how their actions affect animals and how they can help our beloved furry friends. We do this by offering a complete curriculum of animal welfare and safety classes for all ages.
We can offer classes at our shelter or at your location. Programs at the shelter include a tour with animal petting. All presentations include take-home educational materials. Classes range from 20 minutes to two hours and can be tailored to suit your needs. Our school age classes are aligned with Missouri Grade Level Expectations. We can also partner with you on a service learning project.
Our modest program fees assist in covering our costs for staff, travel and materials. Groups of 1-40 students are $65.00 per presentation. Groups of more than 40 are $75.00 per presentation. There is a .50 mileage surcharge for locations over 15 miles from the APA. Scholarships may be available for organizations serving low-income individuals. Classes at the APA are limited to 26 students.
Below is a partial list of our programs. To learn more please contact Jennifer Blome, Director of Humane Education, at or to schedule a program click here.

Animal Shelter Tours
Come take a free guided tour of the APA and pet some of our adorable animals. You may also combine a tour with a class program. Kids and adults.

Girl and Boy Scouts
We offer classes, badge programs, tours and service projects for Girl and Boy Scouts.
Birthday Parties
Bring your child and up to 15 friends to the APA for the best birthday party ever! Parties include decorations, goodie bags, your choice of education program and a shelter tour with animal petting. The birthday party fee is $150 and goes toward caring for our animals. Click here for more information on parties. Kids age 5+.
“Kind Kids Story Time”
Sharing stories and playing games about people and animals is a wonderful way to teach toddlers love and compassion for all living things. Kids age 3 to 6.
“A New Friend for Life”
In this program, kids learn about the joys and responsibilities involved in adopting a pet. Kids participate in a mock pet adoption and a pretend trip to the pet store to learn about the commitment needed to adopt a pet. Kids of all ages.
“Litter Patrol”
Millions of homeless animals are put to sleep each year because there aren’t enough homes for them. What can you do about it? The simple answer is spay and neuter. In this class, students learn about the realities of animal overpopulation. Then, they put on scrubs and perform spay surgery on stuffed animals! Kids age 8+.
“Don’t Shop—Adopt!”
Millions of homeless animals enter animal shelters every year. Sadly, many of these animals are produced in cruel Missouri “puppy mills.” In this course, students learn what a puppy mill is, the difference between buying a pet and adopting one, and why adoption is the kindest option. Ages 10+.
“Bug Out!”
In this science class, kids get to see icky parasites under microscopes like fleas, ticks and worms. In the process, students learn about the personal responsibility and veterinary care needed to keep pets happy and healthy. Ages 8+.
“Safety with Animals”
Every 40 seconds someone in the U.S. seeks medical attention for a dog bite. Sadly, most dog bites happen to children under the age of 15. In this class, kids learn the ways dogs and cats communicate, the proper way to approach a dog, and what to do if approached by a stray animal. Ages 4+.
“Career Kids”
In this class, kids participate in a fashion show to highlight exciting careers with animals. They also learn about the education and interpersonal skills needed for success. Ages 5+.
“It Just Makes Sense”
In this experiential science class, kids learn how animals use their five senses to survive in their environment, and how animal senses compare to our own. Ages 5+.
“Animal Welfare 101”
The face of animal welfare is constantly changing. This class helps adults and mature students understand how the different animal agencies in St. Louis work together to serve animals and people. Participants will learn new terminology as well as how they can become a part of animal welfare in St. Louis. Adults and students ages 13+.
Volunteers in Education
We are always looking for energetic volunteers to serve as community educators. Classroom experience is not required. Volunteer educators must first attend an APA Volunteer Orientation Class. For more information, go to our Volunteer Page.




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