Kids Can Help 

If you’d like to volunteer here, but are not yet 16 years old:

We are delighted by the large number of young people who call us asking if they can volunteer to help the animals at the APA. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow anyone under age 16 to work in the shelter as a volunteer.

However, there are plenty of other ways you can help the animals here. Here are a few ideas:

Hold a used cell phone drive

Recycle used cell phones by donating them to the APA.  The APA has partnered with a company that will buy back used cell phones from non-profit organizations like us.  It's a great way to raise funds for the animals by doing something practical and good for the environment-- recycle!

Hold a towel drive

Gather clean towels and sheets from family, friends and neighbors and donate them to the APA. Towels and sheets are used in cages for the animals to snuggle up or after surgery to make the animals more comfortable. We use a LOT of towels.

Collect newspapers

We put newspapers in the bottom of the all of our cages.

Make cat toys and quilts

Our cats love to play. The Animal Protective Association of Missouri has patterns if you want to make toys or quilts for our kittens and cats. Click here for Things You Can Make.

Have a party for pets

Ask each guest to bring a dog toy or cat toy and then donate them to the APA. The animals will share in the fun. Refer to our current wish list for both big and small items needed at the shelter.

Organize a bake sale or yard sale

Contribute the money you make to the APA. We can buy toys and lots of other things the animals need.

Keep pets and people together

Do you know someone who is sick or a senior citizen in need of some help? Why not help them by feeding, walking or brushing their pet? It can be fun for everyone and will keep that pet at home where it belongs.

The animals send their thanks! If you have any questions, please contact Michelle at or 314/645-4610 ext. 120.
Jennifer Blome 
Director of Humane Education